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CARDON Media Inc. is a family - owned multimedia company with over 30 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing. It offers services like Print Advertising, Digital Advertising, Branding, Impact Advertising, Direct Mail Advertising and Social Media Advertising to long established businesses as well as growing businesses throughout the San Gabriel Valley. CARDON Media Inc. is also an authorized agent for “ABC Table Tops Advertising.


San Gabriel Valley NOW newspaper is your source for city news, sports, events, savings as well as articles on health, money, food, technology and the rest of our media platform that educates and entertains.

San Gabriel Valley NOW $avings Magazine is designed to give local businesses an affordable vehicle to reach new customers in the San Gabriel Valley giving  you 90 days of exposure and impact for a single investment.





ABC Advertising Agency, Inc.® is the nation's manufacturer of restaurant tabletops featuring advertisements. Our tables can be found in more than 3,000 restaurants across the U.S., featuring advertisements from thousands of businesses. Whether you are an advertiser seeking a unique way to share your message, a restaurant, bar or café owner interested in a new way to connect with your community, reaching your goal is as easy as ABC  with CMI Table Tops.

CARDON Media Inc. is an authorized agent for ABC Table Tops Advertising.

CARDON Media Inc.’s goal is to give long established businesses, as well as growing businesses in the community, the services and presence of big corporations but on a much smaller budget.

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CARDON Media Inc. takes care of all your Advertising and Marketing needs.

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